Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Yep, I forgot about our blog. Oops. Guess I get to play catch up now.

Shem has been working long hours at work and getting some awesome over time pay. Thanks to taxes earlier this year and the over time pay we will be paying off the truck ahead of schedule. We will be making the last payment this Friday and we will officially own the truck. Next vehicle will probably be an SUV for me so I have room for the kids. I refuse to drive a mini van. The only way I would drive  a mini van is if one was given to me or we needed a bigger vehicle ASAP and couldn't afford an SUV.

I have started a "business" it's not really a business more of a hobby on the side that brings in some extra cash now and then. Most of my items are baby items. I love doing it!

Shawn is going to 5 in July, he has officially been signed up and accepted into American Leadership Academy and he starts school in August. I can't believe he is really old enough to be starting school! He is super excited and can't wait to go.

William is my 3 year old lovable terror. He is very sweet and loves to give loves and kisses and tell you he loves you but in the next breath he is screaming at the top of his longs playing and running around like a mad man. He is a mischievous little boy who knows how to win over any ones heart.

Lukus is 16 months now and he is so different then his older brothers. He idolizes his older brothers but he is calmer and more subdued then they are. He is sweet and will just cuddle with you but he loves to be down chasing his brothers around. He loves to play outside and is very curious about the world around him. He loves to play in the water hose and sprinklers but hates showers.

My family is growing so much so fast and it has been an amazing and fun journey that I can't way to follow for the rest of my life. I couldn't be happier or more blessed with my family!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1 year

On the 18th it will have been one year since we welcomed our sweet little 5lbs 2oz baby into our lives. The year has been full of ups and downs with him and many trials with his digestion but we made it through and he really is a blessing and joy. He is very much attached to mom and dad. I guess we didn't leave him alone enough as a baby because he hates when we leave him and cries almost the whole time but we get lots of loves when we get back. He loves to smile and sing and loves to jabber. He is still only about 16lbs and looks like he is about 7 months old. As I look back on the past year and the trials I realize that they brought me closer to him and made our bond stronger. I love this little boy so much and am so glad that I have been blessed with such a sweet spirit.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 months, temple work, and Christmas card

Lukus is now over 10 months old and growing way too fast!

I was able to go through the temple on November 23rd and do my sister's temple work. It was an awesome experience and I know she is happy it was done. I have never felt that amount of peace before. The whole year leading up to it was full of anxiety and panic to get the work done but once it was a done the peace I felt was so immense and amazing. I am glad I got to be the one to do her temple work and to have that amazing experience. I miss her every day and love her so much but am so happy she is in a better place and finally free of this life of trials.

Here is our family Christmas card

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is late but Lukus is now 9 months old. He can now crawl, climb stairs, cruise, and loves his scooter walker. He has 2 teeth that have came through in the past week as well.

Monday, September 24, 2012

8 months

Yep, Lukus has made it to 8 months! He is not army crawling and days away from full out crawling. He is growing so fast! He has been teething for several months now, off and on, but he has yet to get a tooth. He is our latest teether now. He loves to eat, his favorites are Carrots(#1), yams, and peas. I need to try green beans still but have been too lazy to just do it, especially since we end up giving him our food because he loves to eat what we are eating when we are eating and it makes it so I can eat with the family rather then trying to spoon feed a little boy. He is one of the cutest little boys ever, the other 2 are his older brothers, he loves to scream and yell, but he also loves to smile. He LOVES his older brothers and loves being where they are. He has been my biggest challenge for a baby but he has been making up for it with his super cute moments that just melt my heart.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lukus is 6 months and Shawn turned 4

Shawn celebrated his 4th birthday on the 18th of this month. I can't believe it was 4 years ago that I held my first little baby in my arms. He had a fun birthday party on the 21st and got lots of new toys to play with. He is such a cute little boy full of energy. He is very independent and wants to do everything on his own and is learning the lesson that sometimes mom and dad still need to do things for him. My new favorite phrase of his is, "I love you too much." as he gives us hugs he says this to us.

Lukus is 6 months old now as well. He is growing so much. He rolls, he is trying to learn to crawl, he giggles like crazy and loves to play with basically anyone that will play with him. At his 6 month appointment he weighed 12 pounds and was 28.5 inches long. That is a 2 pound gain in 2 months and a nearly 6 inch growth in 2 months. He is finally hitting his growth stride I think. He is finally on the charts with his length though. :) He is 8th percentile on height.

I love my 3 growing boys so much and wouldn't trade them for anything. I know the Lord gave me 3 boys for a reason, though most days I have a hard time knowing why, I love each with all my heart and know I wouldn't be who I am now with out them and can't imagine any of them out of my life. I feel they have always been in my life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Always so serious for the camera. 5 months old!