Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh the life of a parent

Well we are working/were working on trying to potty train Shawn and lets just say he has decided he isn't ready yet. He has all the signs of being ready to potty train and even tried to go on the potty once but has decided that wasn't cool even though he got a sucker for trying. We were outside watering the flowers when I sprayed next to his feet to get his attention, he hates getting sprayed with water so it works really well to spray next to him to get his attention, and told him he needs to go pee on the toilet. Next thing I know he is headed into the house, I thought it was him throwing a fit. Well a few minutes later I go in to check on him and find him in the bathroom. He had tried making it to the toilet to go pee but didn't quite make it. He had peed all over his seat, the stool, and my rug. BUT the point was he tried to make it to the bathroom in time to go pee. Well a couple hours later i stick him on the toilet to pee and he actually peed. After that he decided it wasn't very cool and fussed every time he was stuck on the potty and by the end of the night he was screaming like he was being severely punished. He also had 3 accidents, luckily on my wood floor, that I had to clean up. Today I am taking a break and giving him a break from potty training. I just can't handle the screaming he was doing at the end and I don't want him to take peeing on the toilet as a punishment or something.

William is doing great! He is a happy boy for most of the day. The times he isn't happy is either when he has gas or he is on tummy time. This boy still hasn't rolled over yet. Though he can basically sit up on his own he refuses to roll over. Not from tummy to back, not from back to tummy. He will just scream into the blanket until Shawn rolls him over or mom picks him up. He loves to talk and is starting to giggle. Though what makes him giggle changes from hour to hour. He is doing much better with entertaining himself for a bit so I can actually get somethings done around the house. He is a really cute boy and if you want one of his really big grins just change his bum.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday another day....

that was spent at the doctors. I seriously think we go there at least once a month! The saddest part about that is it's always needed. Between ear infections, well baby check ups, pregnancy's, and now acid reflux I don't think we have missed a month in this entire year. So we found out Wednesday that William has silent reflux and a TON of gas. lol. We knew he was a really gassy baby but didn't realize how bad I guess. But even when I knew that he didn't have gas he would still scream out in pain and then the past week he started spitting up every time I feed him. I think Shawn may have had the same problem when he was a baby because he was really fussy. We just thought that's how HE was. Hopefully my 2 boys can stay healthy now. Shawn has had an ear infection probably every 2-3 months sense he was 6 months old and William has already started his. Other than the stupid ear infections, and now acid reflux for William, my boys are really healthy! William now weighs 10Ibs 12oz. That's 5 pounds exactly from his birth weight. Shawn sadly is still hanging out at around 20Ibs. Not really gaining much but he is really really active and eats almost as much as I do now. He just has a fast metabolism along with not being able to hold still. I don't think my kids have much of a choice in the skinny genes area though. ;)

Please let us stay out of the doctors until July for well baby check ups.  

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just thinking... and a little planning.

Well, lately I have really been thinking about the next baby, no nothing is in the plan for at least another year, but i'm a planner. My first birth was not what I had planned at all or what i thought a birth should be. I love LOVE my son but it just wasn't a pleasant experience to get him here. So with my second I did a lot of research and decided that i was going to go natural. I found a relaxation technique that would work for me and studied it. Not soon after I found out I was pregnant again. I was still not quite sure about a home birth but still had bad feelings towards the hospital, that I would have to go back to due to insurance. But went with a hospital birth. My doctor was supportive and the birth went really well. It was completely natural and most of labor was done at home and my hospital stay for the birth was very short. The only thing I didn't like is that I was basically stuck in the position of pushing on my back, I didn't want that. I also had a longer stay after baby due to loosing a lot of blood. So for the most part it was more my perfect birth. But there is still just something bugging me about a hospital birth, so I have come to the decision that I will be doing a home birth. Yes big step. Am I taking a huge risk? Some would say yes. I personally don't think I am as long as I get a midwife that is licensed, one that can give me the meds to slow down bleeding if that is a problem again, one that will catch a problem when it arises and if it's necessary will have me go to the hospital. But for the most part I think it's about the same, if not safer than laboring at home as long as possible, which is what i would do if I were to do another hospital birth. So I am now in the process of finding the RIGHT midwife and finishing letting the idea of a home birth settle in. I'm really happy and at peace with my decision to do this. It feels right! Like this is what is supposed to happen. So in a year or so we will be trying for another little baby and planning on our first home birth. Lots to plan for and get ready so when the time comes I can just enjoy the pregnancy and birth of a sweet baby. :)