Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday another day....

that was spent at the doctors. I seriously think we go there at least once a month! The saddest part about that is it's always needed. Between ear infections, well baby check ups, pregnancy's, and now acid reflux I don't think we have missed a month in this entire year. So we found out Wednesday that William has silent reflux and a TON of gas. lol. We knew he was a really gassy baby but didn't realize how bad I guess. But even when I knew that he didn't have gas he would still scream out in pain and then the past week he started spitting up every time I feed him. I think Shawn may have had the same problem when he was a baby because he was really fussy. We just thought that's how HE was. Hopefully my 2 boys can stay healthy now. Shawn has had an ear infection probably every 2-3 months sense he was 6 months old and William has already started his. Other than the stupid ear infections, and now acid reflux for William, my boys are really healthy! William now weighs 10Ibs 12oz. That's 5 pounds exactly from his birth weight. Shawn sadly is still hanging out at around 20Ibs. Not really gaining much but he is really really active and eats almost as much as I do now. He just has a fast metabolism along with not being able to hold still. I don't think my kids have much of a choice in the skinny genes area though. ;)

Please let us stay out of the doctors until July for well baby check ups.  

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  1. You may want to try eliminating dairy from your diet and see if that helps him improve.