Monday, September 24, 2012

8 months

Yep, Lukus has made it to 8 months! He is not army crawling and days away from full out crawling. He is growing so fast! He has been teething for several months now, off and on, but he has yet to get a tooth. He is our latest teether now. He loves to eat, his favorites are Carrots(#1), yams, and peas. I need to try green beans still but have been too lazy to just do it, especially since we end up giving him our food because he loves to eat what we are eating when we are eating and it makes it so I can eat with the family rather then trying to spoon feed a little boy. He is one of the cutest little boys ever, the other 2 are his older brothers, he loves to scream and yell, but he also loves to smile. He LOVES his older brothers and loves being where they are. He has been my biggest challenge for a baby but he has been making up for it with his super cute moments that just melt my heart.