Sunday, March 14, 2010

3 years....

It has been 3 years from mine and Shem's first date. It's hard to believe that it has been 3 years. For our first date we went out to eat and Subway and then went to institute where we had a very awkward situation happen. The gal that Shem was sort of dating before he started dating me thought that they were exclusive, Shem was going to tell her other wise that night after institute, so rather than me sitting by Shem while we watched "Charley" she sat between Shem and I and was all over Shem's arm. Yes this was our first date and yes we were watching a romance tear jerker movie. But Shem and I continued to text each other through the movie and as soon as it was over Shem took this gal out to the parking lot and let her know that they weren't a couple and he was no longer dating her. Saddest part is she still didn't get it. She still thought he was "cheating" on her with me when we went on our second date that Saturday. Only after we got engaged did she really get the picture that things were over.

It's been a good 3 years!

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  1. I am glad she finally got the picture....

    She did didn't she?