Thursday, April 8, 2010


We made it 6 weeks before William got sick. :( Yep i have sick boys. Shawn came down with a fever yesterday morning and it spiked to over 102 in the afternoon. Usually when Shawn has a fever there is an ear infection involved. So i get a doctors appointment and take him in. The doctor checks him over and can't seem to find anything wrong other than the fever so decided it was viral. I then explained that William had screamed for almost 3 hours straight for no apparent reason and nothing would consul him. So he checked his ears and low and behold William has an ear infection in his right ear. :( So he is on antibiotics to clear it up. The doctor then wants to check Shawn's ears again just in case and found that his right ear drum was red at the top concluding that it was the start of an ear infection. So both of my boys are antibiotics to clear up ear infections. I have to keep William away from Shawn as best i can because of the virus that is causing his fever which by the way is not easy. Shawn has probably had around a half dozen ear infections in his 20 1/2 months of life and William is now starting on the same path BUT much sooner than Shawn. I really hope my boys don't end up with tubes in their ears.

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  1. Huh. lots of babies are getting those right now, aparently. Caleb just had one recently, and now William does. Dr's office said they are seeing a lot of them lately.