Thursday, June 17, 2010

One year ago today...

We found out we were pregnant again. A little sooner than we had first initially planned but it was exciting none the less. It was my first month off birth control so we weren't expecting anything. In fact we were planning on it taking 2-3 months. lol. I decided to test that day because on the 18th we were heading to Idaho for a family reunion and I was supposed to start my period anytime around the 18th. I felt a little off on The 17th when I woke up so I decided to test just in case so I knew if I needed to prepare for other things if I wasn't pregnant. So I take the test, expecting it to say "not pregnant" and with in a minute it was positive. I was in shock! It was not really expected at all. I then proceeded to think of ways to tell Shem that we were once again pregnant. It was the week before father's day so I wrote on the mirror, "Happy early father's day! I have a present for you!" I then had an arrow pointing down at the positive test. He was excited too, though speechless for a few minutes. It's hard to believe that it's been a year sense then. But the proof is here in my lap. A now nearly 4 month old little boy.

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