Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The past couple months

Well, it's been a crazy past couple months. The end of January William got an ear infection that just wouldn't go away. After a month and a half of treating it 4 times with antibiotics and having an allergic reaction to one of them we finally went to an ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist), and while waiting to be soon by him started a 5th round of antibiotic. Finally on April 5th we saw the ENT and the infection was gone but he still had fluids behind his ear drums. So he suggested to wait another 3 weeks to see if things would finish clearing up on their own and then we would talk about getting tubes, but that just didn't feel right. After sitting there for at least a half hour talking the doctor into just doing the tubes, yes I had to talk the doctor into doing them, I finally got the papers to set up the appointment. So I go set up the appointment, well, the only day they had open in the Payson hospital was 3 weeks out! So if I had waited another 3 weeks and then check his ears again before talking about tubes it could have been another 6 weeks before he actually got them. William is getting tubes in his ears on the 25th of this month. I'm so happy to hopefully be done with the ear infections. Oh and it turns out the doctor was wrong about him, most likely not getting an ear infection again, because this weekend he came down with a fever that wouldn't go away, so I got the refill on his antibiotic filled and started it on Sunday, wonder of wonders he is doing tons better today! He was playing with his ears and screaming when I tried laying him flat on his back, all the typical signs of ear infection. After just 2 doses of antibiotic he is doing so much better and is so much happier.

Of course it hasn't all been bad. William is now numbered among the walkers. He is officially a toddler! He walks every where, except the grass which is too hard to walk in though he tries, and thinks himself the most clever little boy alive. He is also getting quite the language skills, he says "thank you", "welcome", "hi dad/mom", "bro-er(brother)", "hello", "goodbye", "kitty", "cat", and many other things. He is such a sweet boy and loves to give hugs, and occasionally "aww" kisses (as he is kissing your check he says "awww" while his mouth is on your check all wide open). He is such a character.

Shawn is the lead character of the family with some much energy that he wears you out just watching him. He also is quite talkative and is very smart. He has an amazing imagination and loves to drive his "motorcycle" around. He is getting so big, he could start preschool this fall if we wanted but we will probably wait till next fall to enroll him. He is still very much a daddy's boy but has decided that mom really isn't that bad and I just love it when he runs up to me wraps his little arms around my legs and says, "love you." and then takes off playing again. He is day potty trained, aside from the occasional accidents during the day, and is showing signs of being ready to potty train at night, so we might start that in the very near future.

Shem is doing well at his work and is working long hard hours. He will most likely be going on some out of town work trips this year possibly even to Trinidad.

Life is going well for us.

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