Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am finally starting to get some cleaning done that I've been neglecting. This past week I have scrubbed our master bathroom with clorox and CLR'd the glass shower doors, scrubbed the main bathroom with clorox, started catching up on laundry, started catching up on dishes, and tried to keep the floors picked up. Shem has shampooed the carpets, we have the nursery left to do with that, winterized the swamp cooler and cleaned the vent, which was in serious need of it, and cleaned the ceiling and walls around said swamp cooler vent, and has also finished putting in the last few pieces of the railing on our stairs so we could get rid of the hideous piece of card board covering it so the boys wouldn't tumble down 10'. To check off our to due list we have, finish stripping, staining, and sealing the dresser for Lukus, bring up the rest of the big items for the nursery, deep clean our bedroom, deep clean the kitchen and dinning area, oh and I would like to get the floors replaced in our bathroom, we have the flooring we just need to do it.

I'm sure there is more than that that needs to be done but this is what I would "like" to get done before Lukus makes his appearance. But hey we still have 15+/- weeks to do it. :)

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