Wednesday, February 8, 2012

another tip for saving $ grocerie shopping

I should have included this in my last post but I didn't think about it until a few hours later.

One thing to make sure you do, especially when buying bulk, is do a price break down. Figure out how much you are actually paying per ounce/pound. You may be surprised to find out that getting the same amount in several small packages is actually cheaper then getting the bulk items. WATCH THE SALES!!!!!! No you can't save as much shopping just the sales vs shopping the sales WITH coupons. BUT you can still save a fair amount of money sale shopping, especially if you just can't figure out coupons or you wont ever use the items you get coupons for. Because really, what is the point of saving money with coupons on items you will never use, is it really saving you money in the long run? Shopping sales you can actually get items you need for a good price and you know you will use them.

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