Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shawn's 2 year appointment

We had Shawn's 2 year appointment last week. He is still measuring 1st percentile but where he has a steady growth and climb they aren't too worried about it. If he stops growing or is still small when he is a little older they "might" start him on growth hormones. I think he will just be a late bloomer like his dad. He is perfectly healthy! He is very smart too. ;) He ended up getting 1 shot and cried until the nurse brought him a sucker. He was great after that! I wish I could remember his measurements but I can't sadly enough. :( I know he wasn't quite 23 pounds and he was around 33 1/2 inches long (i think). I guess we'll wait and see what happens with him. As long as he is healthy I'm fine with that. 


  1. They should be able to test him to see if he is producing growth hormone. I will ask my friend she had to give her son shots for years because he didn't produce the hormone at all.

  2. I think where he is growing steadily right now they aren't too terribly worried if, as he gets older, his growth still stays about the same then I think they may be concerned. I'm not looking forward to giving him growth hormones if that's what it comes to. Where I'm so small and Shem was pretty small for a long time too, I think that's why they aren't too concerned.