Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have a mover!

William has now figured out how to roll from back to front and is rolling around my house. He hasn't quite figured out how to steer just yet but he knows he gets some where by rolling. He is also trying to pull his knees up under him already and is trying to push himself with his feet but he doesn't move his arms too so he ends up face planting it into the floor. :( We believe he is working on getting his teeth in as well.  It's amazing how fast they grow and how much they learn in the first year of their life! He has started belly laughing, rather than just squeaking or snorting because he is trying to hold it back. He is such a smiley boy! He smiles at about anyone that will smile at him or talk to him. I can't believe he is already working on his 6 month of life. :(

Here is a video of his belly laugh. This was right after he was really laughing but he still laughs. Sorry it's blurry it's with my phone and I'm trying to take it and play with him at the same time.

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