Thursday, October 21, 2010


Both boys are teething at the same time. So it's been a stressful couple weeks around here. I do not recommend having a toddler and infant teething at the same time. It means momma goes to bed with a headache about every night. Shawn is getting is 2 year molars in, so far the top and bottom left and the bottom right have broke through the skin so all we have left is the top right. I think this is also where his double ear infection came from a couple weeks ago. William is working on all 4 of his front teeth. So far the bottom left has broken through and the bottom right isn't far behind. Where his top front teeth will be breaking through is all swollen and he has white bulges. Which means that they will not be far behind. Yep lots of fussing and crying and screaming and yelling and...... Good thing there is something I can give them to help with the pain sense neither one really like cold things, Hyland teething tablets and Motrin have been my crutch to get through this. Though I do try to only give it to them once during the day and at bed time but when it gets bad I have to do something.

I've decided that if I can skip one thing with the whole baby/ toddler stage it would totally be the teething. Nothing else that happens during the teething stage JUST the teething.

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  1. Teething isn't fun for baby or mommy! Good luck!