Friday, July 15, 2011

Midwife appointment

So we had our midwife appointment this past Tuesday, it's taken me this long to update because I caught a cold, and the appointment went really well! I was there for an hour and the entire hour I was with my midwife! It was nice not having to wait for 2 hours before FINALLY seeing the Dr, then only spending 20 minutes tops with them. Did all the normal tests and everything is looking good! Then it was heart beat time. I was 11 weeks along and being such a small frame it's pretty easy hearing heart beat this early. The assistant midwife tried first to find the heart beat and found it for a second several times but the baby just did not want to hold still so she finally handed the doppler over to my midwife and I proceeded to tell her that I was pretty sure the placenta attached in the middle and slightly off to the right. So she felt around and agreed that that's where she felt the lump and where we would probably find our little babe. So she stuck the doppler there and started to move around. Baby had settled it's self down in my pelvis trying to hide. lol. We found a good strong heart beat in the 160's. :) That is one of the happiest sounds in the world I think. The appointment with the midwife just settled our resolve to go with her and a home birth. Yes I know the risks but I have prayed long and hard about it and with the Lords guidance it feels right for us. If I got or get any bad feelings saying to switch to a Dr at any point in this pregnancy I will do just that and switch but right now this IS the right thing.

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