Friday, September 23, 2011


So this is probably more of me having a hormonal episode taking everything out of context, I'm prone to do that anyway but more so when I'm pregnant. We are trying to get a list of people to invite to a baby shower/ diaper shower for Lukus, I have a friend throwing it for me and I thought it rude to tell her know when she was the one that offered, anyway, as Shem and I are getting this list together we come to a realization that we don't have very much support from friends and even family. Now, keep in mind that we've been trying to find someone that would be willing to watch the boys when I go into labor but EVERYONE would say "yes" one day and then a week later and come back and so "only if....." Well "only if...." doesn't work if I go into labor. I CAN'T choose when to go into labor to make it convenient for everyone else. So we are trying to make this list and find that we really don't have addresses to send people invitations so I get on good old facebook and message some of these people, so far 0 responses. I'll give it some more time though. We have since crossed off a few names because we know there is no way in heck these people would come, we invited them to our first shower and they never showed and never had a reason either, or if they did come all the drama would come out of the wood works about our birth choice. Friend wise, well lets just say that no matter how hard we try to have friends something always comes up that either breaks up the friendship or they just leave. Shem has a few close ones from the singles life, but since we've been married we have one friend, the one throwing the party, that has decided they can stand to be around us and support us.

Where does all this frustration come from? Most of the people at some point in time have told us how much they care about us and our friendship and do anything for us all we have to do is ask. Where are they now? Not answering us, not responding to us unless they need or want something, or just seem to completely disappear without a word.  Honestly it would be really nice to have some friends to go on dates with and to do couple things with when we get a babysitter for the boys. It would be nice to have a friend that would get me out of the house on occasion during the day that understood that kids have to be included too. It would be nice for Shem to have a buddy to go do manly things with that I don't care to do.
Like I said probably mostly just hormonal issues and selfish wants. But dang it I'm bugged about it right now. I think we can plan on about a dozen (maybe) people to show up at our diaper shower and I guess those that don't will miss out on a great party! No games involved just good visits and refreshments to celebrate a little boy coming into our family.


  1. I now my schedule doesn't permit it as much as I would like...but you know if I am in town and you need anything, you can call me. Even if it is to watch the boys at 3 AM while you go into labor. I hope I am in town for that.

  2. Thank you Zach! I do think we found someone that can watch the boys for when I go into labor. Our next door neighbor was jumping at the chance to watch them. But If it just so happens we do need someone and you are in town we will keep you in mind for sure. Even still you'll be welcome to come see the new little boy after we have him. :) You have been an awesome friend to both Shem and I and we hope it will always stay that way.