Friday, September 9, 2011

Had our Ultra Sound.....

Here are the pics from the ultra sound.

We had the ultra sound on Tuesday but we didn't tell family until tonight. We had a "party" for "Shem" and had cake and ice cream, meant for a late birthday party for him. We then proceeded to cut the "blue" cake and give out "blue" napkins. Shem making huge emphases on "blue" to see if anyone caught on. My mom caught on pretty quickly but we had to spell it out to the rest of the guest. Shem's mom, sisters, and my dad. :)

Here are pics of the cake before cutting and after. It was just a white cake with lemon frosting.

Yes in the end the cake looked more green then blue but hey green works too!
So now we try to find a name and wait very excitedly  for January or early February to welcome this little boy, hopefully in the most comfortable environment possible, into OUR arms in OUR home. :)

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