Friday, January 6, 2012

Home visit appointment with my midwife

Midwife appointment went awesome! Everything looked good. BP was good and HR was good. Baby's heart rate was fluctuating between upper 130's- upper 140's. Midwife was very pleased with that. Even though I am technically not 37 weeks if I were to go into labor I can still have my home birth it will just be the assistants name on the certificate rather than the actual midwife. Just as I had suspected baby is super duper low. As in the midwife had a really hard time finding his head because my pubic bone hid it. She was really low when getting the heart beat as well, and it was the actual heart beat she was getting. So now to finish our bathroom remodel and babe can come any time after that. That makes me so much more relaxed about things knowing that if I do go into labor tonight I can still have my home birth. Especially after some of my bouts of contractions lately. I know it isn't labor contractions just my practice contractions but it still is a relief.

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