Sunday, February 27, 2011

1 year older...

William had his first birthday on the 23rd. I can't believe that a year has gone by already. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I had a new born in my arms and he is now nearly walking, which i'm sure he would be if it weren't for this blasted ear infection he has had for over a month now. He has grown so much and is learning so quickly. He has such a cute character that you just have to laugh at and the biggest smile that you can't help but smile at. On Friday he had his one year check up and he is 1st percentile in weight 5th in height and 14th in head circumference. On Saturday we had his party and it was a blast! Thank you for all that was able to come. We had a great turn out and had fun. Though the food was not traditional at all I think it was a hit, at least with the adults, kids don't think too highly of a good healthy salad. ;) William loved his cake. I think he ate about half of it and had a sugar high to prove it. It was great having family here to celebrate William's birth. Though I'm thinking we may have to start doing separate party's for the family's. Having both the Whitehead's and Johnson's together feels slightly awkward. As I'm sure most already know family's seem to just talk amongst their own family so it's hard not to favor one more than the other. Live and learn right? Ha I think I should have learned by now sense I've done 3 party's. I guess I just want to have 1 party and I'm always hoping that they will just intermingle with each other.

On to other things. Shawn is doing great! He is doing well with potty training, though I haven't been brave enough to start with night training yet. He has really made good progress with communication as well. He is learning words like crazy and is starting to just chatter to you. He says sorry to everything if he feels he has done something wrong. He blesses everyone when they sneeze, including himself, and he will give anyone that asks for a hug, a hug, and while giving them a hug, says, "aww, loves." He is the sweets little boy. He is also a 2 1/2 year old so he is still a bit of a monster at times and can be mean but he almost always makes up for it by the end of the day with his sweetness.

Shem is doing well with work and is now trying to get over a nasty cold, sinus infection, and ear inflammation. I'm glad he seems to be getting better. Every time he misses work he finds out just how important and needed he is there though so that makes him feel good.

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