Monday, February 14, 2011

When it rains...

Been an interesting, stressful, tearful week. On the tenth I had my 23rd birthday. Shem's grandma was also pulled off of life support that day. On the 11th at 2:11 pm she passed away. We have her funeral on Saturday. Today I found out that my grandma Donna is also going to be taken off life support in 2 days. She is giving family 2 days to see her and then she will be taken off of it. I never really got the chance to get to know her. In fact I probably knew Shem's grandma a lot better than I knew my own grandma. She never really took the chance to get to know us. She expected my parents to go out of their way to make sure we knew her even though she came to the state at least once a month but she couldn't take the time to see us but she could to see other family members. I wish I knew her. I wish she had taken the time to get to know me and watch me grow up. I wish she would have remembered my birthday, even remembered my name. She didn't, in my eyes she never really cared. Even though I never knew her it still hurts to see her pass away. Especially with the knowledge that I now I will never get the chance to know her or she to know me and my family. Hardest part for me is seeing my dad loose his mom.

I hope in the next life that I will have the opportunity to get to know her. After fighting cancer for nearly 4 years i'm sure she will be much happier and finally free of her pain.

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  1. I am so sorry you guys! What a tough week! You will be in my prayers!