Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a way to start February

With William getting an ear infection and then having a bad reaction to the antibiotic that was given to him. On Wednesday after 2 nights of hardly any sleep and a day and night of fever that wouldn't go below 100 even with Tylenol, we took William in to the doctors to find out he had a double ear infection. Well, Friday I noticed a rash pop up and that didn't seem right so I once again called the doctor up and got yet another appointment for William to have the rash looked at. The PAC we saw, I LOVE, she is awesome, very personal and she worked in a pediatrics office before going to the woman's children's clinic and she is wonderful with kids. She confirmed my suspicion that it was a reaction to the antibiotic. She also said that his right ear is still pretty infected and has fluid behind the ear drum. :( Worst part is is we can't put him on another antibiotic until the darned rash clears up because it would most likely just make the rash worse. She did give us some ear drops to put in but we still have to wait AT LEAST 24 hours before putting them in his ear, and because it was caused from a virus the ear drops wont clear it up they will just help it feel better and stop it from getting worse. So for now all I can do is give him Motrin and Tylenol, and put drops of garlic/tea tree oil I made in his ears. He's not the happiest camper and I really don't blame him. I just really hope the rash clears up quickly so we can get him started on another antibiotic.

Some more exciting news for this month is it's my 23rd birthday in 5 days and William will be turning 1 on the 23rd. :) I'm also planning a Valentine's Day surprise for Shem. He has kind of ruined my last surprises I had for him the past couple years so I warned him not to do anything this year so I can do a surprise for him. :) So he knows there's a surprise but that's it. I'm excited to be doing something for him because he is really stubborn and usually wont let me do anything for him. It's a fight just to get him pants or shirts when he needs them.

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  1. Poor little guy sounds miserable.

    I intended to get Shem's phone number before you guys moved, but never did. Can you have him give me a call? 801-691-8168

    -Josh Humphreys