Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The past month

I'm not sure you really want to know what my past month has been like. Well to start off, the Wednesday after the baby shower my sister passed away unexpectedly. We are still waiting on the autopsy report to see what the cause was. She left 3 boys behind that my parents are taking care of. She had just barely sent in her divorce papers to get divorced from her abusive ex. Then the following Sunday, so 4 days later, my grandma passed away. Her's was expected as she was really sick and we knew it was just a matter of time. So we had 2 funerals in 1 week. Then I had a midwife appointment last Friday. Everything is looking good, but we have to have another ultra sound to check were placenta is laying. It needs to be 3cm away from my cervix and at my 19 weeks ultra sound it was only 1.6cm away. Then the next news, though my midwife is sure everything is fine, is that i'm measuring 4 weeks behind. I was 31 weeks but measuring 27 weeks. I have measured small with my other two but never this small and never this soon. I'm just hoping and praying that everything turns out fine at the ultra sound and keep telling the Lord that he owes me that after the month I've had. 


  1. There are others praying for you as well! What a month you guys have had...I really hope you never have to deal with two funerals in the same week again!

  2. It has been a very hard month for you! I hope and pray that your next year will be full of great things. Heavenly Father loves you and there is the saying that says, "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." Everything will work out just fine I'm sure. Good luck with your ultrasound.