Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ultra Sound update

Back from my ultra sound. The tech was very happy about where the placenta was at and she checked everything on the baby again to make sure everything was still looking good. The placenta is good and healthy as well as Lukus. He is measuring about a week behind but everything is looking good and it's normal for me anyway. I just have small baby's. His head is down in my left hip and his bum is up in my right side. So he is basically head down just off centered a little. She tried to get a good look at his face but he kept his hands up by his face the whole time. Looked like he is still trying to keep his legs straight too. lol.
Here is the undeniable boy proof. 
 Here is his face. He wouldn't give us a good shot and kept his hand in the way. That's his hand over his mouth.

Here is a picture of his spine, heart, head/brain.

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